The Fragrances


Apart from transporting you to a quaint little village along the Amalfi Coast, this fragrance is sensational.  It smells very similar to Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino with Citrus top notes, including Mandarin, lemon and lavender, Middle Notes of Neroli, Jasmine and pittosporum and musk base notes.  This is a totally unisex fragrance.  Being a unisex fragrance it is not surprising that Celebrity Couples wear the same fragrance, such as David and Victoria Beckham.  Apparently they often bicker about who has finished the bottle!  It takes you back to memories of summer breezes, Neroli trees and summer strolls.  The benefits of actual Neroli oil are that it helps with Eczema, dry skin and helps sleeping issues. 


Rose & Jasmine

From the Rose fields of the South of France to the side streets of Nice on the Cote d’Azur covered in Jasmine flowers, this fragrance is very similar to the brand new Si Passione by Armani.  Among Giorgio Armani’s celebrity clients who wear this fragrance are Beyonce, Helen Mirren and Glenn Close.  The fragrance opens with spicy pink pepper combined with pear and blackcurrant.  Passionate rose and feminine jasmine create a powerful scent likened to an independent woman guided by passion.  The addition of heliotrope within this fragrance makes this perfume addictive, whilst the sensual vanilla as a base note adds to the pleasure to the wearer.  The benefits of actual Rose oil  are that it helps with depression, increases the immune system and some believe is an aphrodisiac.  Jasmine oil in its raw form help treat scars and dermatitis.



Gardenia is one of the most important blossoms in the Perfume World.  This fragrance is very similar to Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia.  Gucci actually designed a scarf for Princess Grace of Monaco which depicted the Gardenia blossom, because of the importance of this flower in the Perfume Industry.  Pear and Red Berries open this fragrance, before the Gardenia and frangipani come to the fore, whilst the base notes of Patchouli bring this fragrance back down to earth.  A very beautiful scent for the modern woman.  As a side note, Kate Middleton, the now Duchess of Cambridge, adores Gardenia Perfumes and she had one designed specially for her on her Wedding Day which she continues to wear.  Raw and natural Gardenia oil can be used as stress relief, helps with imbalances in hormones and can even ease headaches.


Liquid Sunshine

This is a beach holiday in a bottle! Mandarin blossom combined with ginger opens this seductive fragrance, with white flowers in the heart, drying down to a musk and sandalwood base.  Close your eyes and you could be in a deserted beach living your best life!

Your body is meant to be in the sun, and exposure to sunlight during the day is crucial to your wellbeing by increasing Vitamin D levels in your body. (Sunlight May Improve Heart Health). It is advised to get at least 10-15 minutes of sunlight daily.


The heavily scent Tuberose flower blooms at night and is sometimes called ‘The Mistress of the Night.’ The flower grows well in Central America and India and is a popular ingredient in perfume. It is said that Marie Antoinette had a perfume made for her using Tuberose flowers and was called ‘Parfum de Trianon.’

Modern feminity is highlighted within this very sophisticated female fragrance.  The luminous facet of tuberose combined with jasmine, contrasted with the dangerously addictive notes of the tonka bean.  A uniquely multi faceted fragrance for the modern woman.

In its essential form, the tuberose is said to relieve stress and tension, and can also be used as an aphrodisiac, hence the name ‘Mistress of the Night.’


Some say the most delicious fruit known to mankind.  The Chirimuya fruit, named by the Inca people, is native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.  Because of its texture it can also be called the Custard Apple.

This fruity floral opens with succulent fruits, with the seductive passion flower in the heart.

High in  levels of the Vitamin B6, the actual fruit can boost your mood, whilst containing high levels of magnesium, this fruit can boost your immune system as well.  Mouth watering and tempting…….Divine! The fragrance speaks for itself, go on indulge………………

Peony & Vanilla

The Peony is the floral symbol of China and is thought to promote good fortune.  Once planted, a Peony Plant can live up to 100 years. Marco Polo, upon his first glimpse of a Peony flower exclaimed, ‘Roses as big as Cabbages!

This fragrance is a modern love story.  With beautiful blooms of peony, jasmine and orange blossom, a scent-sational bold new white chypre is born.  Peony & Vanilla transcends traditional with modern and in doing so a romance begins……………

In its essential form, peony oil enhances blood circulation, is a muscle relaxant and in some circumstances can relieve headaches.